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english course assigments, week 6

My future business.

This is the monument ale-ale mascot ketapang city

Assalamuallaikum wr.wb,
Before I discuss what business I'm going through when I finish college. This culinary post comes from the Land of Kayong or Ketapang that is my hometown. In addition to her beautiful Malay girls, this area also has a distinctive culinary that is certainly different from other areas

 1.       Ale-Ale
Ale-ale is a kind of water animal that resembles shells. This aquatic animal is also used as a symbol or tagline of Ketapang city. According to the myths in circulation, Ale-Ale is a kind of animal that comes from the fruit of Ketapang tree that falls into the river. It's hard to believe it, then it's more commonly referred to as a myth.

Ale-ale can also be processed into a variety of dishes such as sambal ale-ale, ale-ale saute, serundeng ale ale, ale ale gravy, ale ale salt acid, ale ale sate and others. In addition a simple way to enjoy this ale ale is in boiled with salt. In addition to delicious, ale ale has high protein content, so good for our health.

This is one of the processed images of ale-ale

2.       Amplang
Ketapang City is also famous for its original snacks from Ketapang District called "Amplang".

Usually the tourists who come to the city Ketapang not forget to buy original artificial Amplang ketapang city to take home as a souvenir home. For the basic ingredients of making using mackerel fish or belida fish.

this is picture amplang

3.       jenjorong
Jenjorong is a typical ketapang food made from rice flour, kanji starch, brown sugar, water suji and pandan leaves, and thin coconut milk.

This is a picture of a food called jenjorong

Jenjorong use container or place of pandan leaves. Pandanus leaves here is not a pandanus leaf commonly used for cooking but a large or usual pandan leaves that we meet pandanus leaves are thorny.

4.       Ketupat Colet
Physically, this ketupat not much different from the known diamond so far. But the difference is how to eat it is unique.

This is a picture of a ketupat colet

Ketupat and rendang cow or chicken or other side dishes are not directly mixed and eaten. But, just pinch the ketupat to rendang then eaten.

If you are visiting Ketapang area do not try to taste one of the food above. Guaranteed it will make you want to add more.

Well now I will tell my business if I finish college or graduate to be a bachelor. That even if there is capital, do not blame we have a dream. You've read the typical food post from my hometown that is ketapang city. I'm going to open a restaurant that provides processed food from ale-ale and opens a shop for the sale of an envelope.

Why do I want to open the business?
The first restaurant processed food from ale-ale, for example in ketapang alone almost no restaurant that provides processed foods from these ale-ale. But we think it's the typical food of the city. Surely people there know cook it Just buy the raw course. But I see business opportunities in my city wander the city of Pontianak. Only one is there near podomoro street. That's a little processed ale-ale it, and I heard from a friend who never got there very little portion and the price is very expensive. Therefore I will open a restaurant that will provide a special meal processed from ale-ale. One of them looks like the following picture:

tumis ale-ale
ale-ale saos tiram
sambal ale-ale

The second I sell a typical souvenir of the ketapang is an envelope. I was thinking of selling an envelope because it was packed with an expensive one and it filled up very little. And make it easier for people who seek or want ampalng not difficult to kengapang to find the original amplifier from ketapang.

amplang in the package

All ingredients in the form of ale-ale were sent from ketapang, and for the envelope its raw materials in the form of fish mackerel or fish belida sent directly from ketapang.
I do this business also to open jobs for people who come from my hometown, to suppress the unemployment rate.
Thank you story of my business plan, hopefully come true. Am
may be useful

Wassalamuallaikum wr.wb

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