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english course assigments, week 4

Ask an Expert

Name: Mariyadi
Age: 55 years
Male gender
The job: traders Gorengan
Address: River ox, pontianak
Place and date of birth: solo, August 11th, 1970
             Fried is one of the many foods that favored the general public, especially in rural areas, unfortunately foods rich in carbohydrates is slowly less popular with the public as the growth of the age, foods from outside the community began to favor consequently fried traders began to leave this job. However, amid a lack of public interest in the frying Mr. Mariyadi still struggling to keep their jobs, how not to capital sd diploma he will not be able to find another job, just by selling fried this time he was able to support his wife and three children. male children are now being studied in primary school, and two daughters who are now studying. Here are excerpts of my interview with Mr. Mariyadi:
Me         : Excuse me sir, sorry to interrupt, may I ask a short time?
     : Yes, may, may I help you?
         : Well sir we got the task of our English language lecturer to interview traders as a resource. is Sir I interviewed were willing for a minute?
     : Please just be glad.
Me         : Since when have you selling fried?
     : I am selling fried since 1994 when it was a lot of fried foods public interest, capital RP 25,000 only money I just dabbled to sell by way around, and the place of the orchestra or the person who was holding a celebration event, whether circumcision / wedding with my wife and a result I managed to sell my merchandise, since that I began to keen to continue selling fried. But now I've not trade around, now I trade settled near the house.
me         : When you first trade father how much profit you get?
     : previous Sorry I do not remember how much profit the time.
Me         : How much profit you get in a day?
Seller     : the benefits I get in one day approximately Rp 75.000,00- .ini me
get out of one piece of fried that I sell at a price of Rp 200,00-
Me         : What kind of fried foods often you sell?
Seller     : I sell fried food that often there are 5 kinds of carp, including: ote-ote, know the contents,
tempe, cassava fries, and fried tofu.
Me         : What is the price of this pack fried foods?
Seller     : The price is the same all my fried carp. One of my fries sold at a price Rp. 700,00-  Rp. I love fried 2000,00- 3, Rp. I love fried 4000,00- 6, Rp. I love fried 5000,00- 8, 5000 actually only get 7 fried but I had trouble getting the coins for the change, then I am with my wife decided to give 8 fried food.

Me         : What are the ingredients - ingredients for making fried foods?
Seller     : Material Know Content: Know, Wheat Flour, Carrots, Gubis, vermicelli noodles, onion,
                           Garlic, sugar, pepper and flavoring flavor to taste.
   Fried Cassava: cassava, salt.
   Fried Tempe: Tempe, Wheat Flour, Onion, Garlic,
   Sugar, pepper and flavoring flavor to taste.
                           Fried Tofu: Tofu.
   General Material: Oil, Gas LPG 3 Tubes, Small chili.
Me         : In one day you sell from what time until what?
     : I Sell of 16.00 mas, but the return is not necessarily, sometimes when more crowded I could go home at 21:00 mas, if more could deserted until 23:00 hours night, most nights I came home at 23:30 mas. Although the 23:30 hours yet sold out I have to go home mas.
Me         : Do you ever suffered heavy losses?
     : Ever deck. At that time I was just opening a business there are approximately 5 months to sell, I sell at an event orchestra, but from early afternoon until My merchandise evening dresses, because almost midnight I finally decided to tidy up my merchandise and preparing to go home yet Alhamdulillah mas in my mid to clean up someone buy my fried Rp.500,00 amounted to Rp well despite overnight. 500.00 but I still grateful for the money to buy rice tomorrow for my wife and child.In fact, I've been selling only Rp. 1000,00.
         : when you can achieve huge profits?
     : fried enthusiasts greatly increased during the fasting month, when the moon was they have a lot to buy fried foods, this happens because they often require appetizers for iftar, in addition to the current season rain enthusiasts can also drastically increased fried carp, sometimes at the time of the season rain / on a rainy day like today I could run out mas merchandise, with so I can go home at 21:00 mas.
         : Oh, so yes sir, I think we've pretty much know about fried foods business, we would like to thank you for that fathers spend time, effort father hopefully can run forward.
     : Ameen, equal - equally mas.

             Mr. Mariyadi trade frying since 1994, originally only a capital of Rp 25,000, because at the start of the merchandise can only get a benefit that is not certain, then he and his wife decided to pursue this business, because he was both confident that this venture will develop further day. Because with this effort he was able to make ends meet, to send his son who was in elementary school and educate her two children were girls studying at top universities in the city of Pontianak and try to stick to them when a huge loss, lack of capital and suppressed many of the needs are growing day to more expensive.
Although the mr. Mariyadi sell fried food at a cheap price and rivals are getting much, Mr. Mariyadi and his wife never complained at all, let alone Mr. Mariyadi often have bitter experience and thanks to the bitter experience is what makes him more spirit and pursue this business, thank God with his passion and perseverance, he has become a successful business with proof afford to send their two daughters of university.

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