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This is the course material in English for the first week, Friday March 3, 2017

Unit 4
Robots in the home
Living with Robots

Movies  about the future, robots often feature in the home. In some movies, they  serve the family by doing Housework. In other movies, they may even take the place of family members, acting as lovers or children. But will robots really aid us in our daily tasks in the future? Will people adopt them as their own children?
As with any  new technology, some people will oppose robots just because they are new. These people will try to force their opinions on us. They will says, “it is important that we make efforts ourselves. If we don’t do our own work, we will become like small children.” Others want robots to serve them. They will argue that this gives us the potential to do more by freeing us from small daily jobs. People will then be able to spend more time on their careers and less on house work. And those who like to enjoy themselves will also have more time for doing fun things.The potential of robots as family  members is more in doubt because robots are only moving computers. A computer code that tells a robot to act like a child is much more difficult to write than one that instructs a robot wash the dishes. Perhaps the family member most likely to be a robot is the family pet! In fact, a number of companies are already making different kinds of robots pets. Is the future already here?


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