Jumat, 03 Maret 2017

The first task of the week

My name Heri Priyanto, place / date of birth: Ketapang, January 26, 1994, I was the third child of three brothers, more precisely the youngest children. I'm From SMA Negeri 2 Ketapang.
The reason I continue My study to university level :
Why do I need to go to college? The question meets my mind when I got the assignment to write a journal on the topic. Oddly enough, my brain is empty whereas before I was sure I had plenty of reasons or arguments for answering the question.
I returned to put that question to myself "Why do I need to continue their education to college? Is not continue their education to college is something that is normal after high school? Do excuse me only to the extent that? "No. The reason I go to college is because I believe that education is a tool to get out of poverty. I want to change the fate of my family. By studying in college, I could be a psychologist, doctor, engineer, nurse, or accountant. Without studying in college, I was the son of a construction worker handyman likely I will suffer the same fate as my parents. In fact, there are vacancies in the newspapers largely adopted requires minimal education is S1. If I was uneducated or poorly educated eventually I will be working in the informal sector with low wages.

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susahnya mencari judul skripsi

assalam'mualaikum wr. wb. selamat sore.. saya mau cerita ni...sebelum nya saya mau memperkenalkan diri dulu... nama saya Heri priyant...