Kamis, 15 Juni 2017

This video is to fulfill the task of a university English course Tanjungpura pontianak (English UAS)

Assalam’malaikum Wr. Wb.
Good moring,
                Ladies and gentlement.
                I will deliver my speech about the road conditions in west borneo. A special acces road between the districts of Ketapang and north Kayong regency. Before that we pray praise and gratitude for the grace and guidance of his, so that we can gather here. Then thanks to the attendees who gave me the opportunity to deliver this speech. To shorten my time I will start his speech. The highway is one of the infrastructures for the smoothness of traffic either in a city or rural or other areas. The more rapid development of an area or city the more crowded the traffic. This is due to the increase in income of the population so as to have their own vehicle.
Access road between Ketapang and North Kayong District is one of the access road to Pontianak City. Access is one of the access always used by people who come from Ketapang to college or Holiday. With the current road conditions are potholes along the road makes people who use the access road is less comfortable. . Until now the provincial road in North Kayong District which will be used as the access of the connecting lane in the event Sail Strait Karimata 2016 ago until now in 2017 has not been any work for improvement.
Conditions many people complained about. It is very unfortunate the road users while in the North Kayong. The road damage is seen from Teluk Batang District, to Sukadana Sub-district. For in Sejahtera and Simpang Tiga villages, Sukadana sub-district, based on monitoring in the field, road damage has been very alarming. Because the road is a lot of damage, holes that are widening. And now it's just covered with red soil that only lasts for a moment. " Red landfill can be said to be just a waste of energy, because it can not last long. What else during the rainy season, then the existing pile of land will be destroyed, because the land is crossed by a vehicle. In addition, will worsen road conditions, which will become muddy. Not infrequently, due to the number of holes in the road provisni will have an impact on accidents.
I and the community expect the attention of the district and central government. To improve access roads between Ketapang and North Kayong regencies so that the road users feel comfortable passing the road. Such is the speech I can convey when there is a mistake in speaking, I apologize. For your attention I thank you and I end.
Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb

Good morning

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